How to make a fresh garland from scratch

How to make a fresh garland from scratch

 Do you want to make your beautiful decorations this Christmas yourself? That sounds like a great idea. Although there might be options of artificial Christmas garlands, you are sure to have so much fun bringing the pieces together, and when you are done, that magical feel of Christmas would be worth it. It would be great to make your garlands from scratch, imagine your happiness as you impress your guests with the finished piece. Here’s how to decorate fresh wreath from scratch. 

1. Cut out fresh greenery

      You would be using some leaves, after all. The first thing you should do is choose the kind of leaves you would like to use. Pine, Magnolia, or spruce, you should have your pick. On the other hand, you can decide to have a little bit of everything. A mixture of everything sounds good, and it would look good. Go for your greenery first. 

2. Arrange the leaves along a wire

      Next, you would need a wire. It would help you hold the leaves together. Space the leaves stylishly on the fence, and don’t forget to flatten the leaves. You need them to be as flat as possible along the wire. 

3. Cut the greenery into pieces

      You have to continue to work on your leaves. Cut them into pieces, with each piece being about six inches long. 

4. Separate your leaves into bunches

      If you are mixing different kinds of leaves, it would be great to separate them into bunches. Let the leaves be divided evenly among the groups. That way, each batch would have an equal distribution of each leaf type. 

5. Secure your bunches

     You already have a wire. Secure each bunch around the wire and work your way all along with it. And there, you have a gorgeous garland. 

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