8 Tips for Decorating your Artificial Christmas Tree

For those who are new to the world of artificial Christmas tree world, they are going to find that there are tons of advice out there for those who are decorating or even buying their first tree for their home. However, for those who have already found the tree of their dreams, now is the time for decorating this. The good news is that there is no right or wrong way to decorate an artificial Christmas tree. However, we have a few tips that can make it easier!

  1. Be sure that you put the lights onto the tree first. Too many times you will find that putting the lights on last, can cause the ornaments to get tangled with the lines of the lights, which can also make it look a bit sloppy.
  2. When hanging ornaments opt to use hooks on the ornaments rather than the strings that are attached to the ornaments. Why? The hooks make it a bit easier to get these hung in the location that you have chosen.
  3. Larger Christmas ornaments that are heavy need to be hung back onto the branch and allow them sit on another branch below it. This will give the most protection. You may find that it makes the ornament a bit harder to see but it is safer in this type of location.
  4. When hanging the ornaments, be sure that you turn the lights on so you can find those exact locations that make these ornaments shimmer and shine!
  5. Take your time when decorating. If you rush this, people are going to notice. 
  6. Use a ladder if you are dealing with a super tall artificial Christmas tree, as this is the best option for your safety. Be sure that someone is there to help and hand you ornaments to ensure that you do not have to get down and up over and over.
  7. Evenly space your ornaments so that the tree looks full from all angles that you are decorating.
  8. Follow all the guidelines that you are given with the tree, such as how much weight it can hold, as well as listening to the guidelines of how many strands of lights to use on one outlet and the like. 

While there is no right or wrong way when it comes to decorating your artificial Christmas tree, you are going to find that you can use these tips to make sure that this is done safely and that you are not having to worry about any safety issues.

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