How to hang a giant artificial Christmas wreath

How to hang a giant artificial Christmas wreath

           If you’re thinking of getting a giant artificial Christmas tree this season, then you are not thinking of front door design. You are probably used to the front door wreath, and you don’t have an idea what to do with the giant artificial wreath that you just got or you are planning to buy. Learn a few things about how to hang them now. 

1. Decide where you want it 

        You have to be sure first about where your giant wreath goes. A conspicuous side of the house, the front part of the house, or anywhere else you might want your garland. If you want it in front of the house, your door most probably won’t do. You might have to use the side of the roof facing the front of your home, that part that usually holds a cross in the church. You could also hang it on a massive door or on the sides of a large building. 

2. Make your wreath fit right

      Once you are sure where you want your wreath to fit in, you can start to fix your giant artificial Christmas wreath. You might have to drill in a hole to hold it in place. Whatever the case, be sure that your wreath is sitting correctly and of course, be sure that it is secured well with ropes or nails. You don’t want your wreath falling off, or worse, injuring anyone. 

3. Add some lights

      Your artificial Christmas wreath would look a lot better with some lights on it. You could go a step further by lighting up your wreath, or you could go many steps also by making an entirely different design with the lights. Arrange some Christmas lights along a line on your roof. Do it in a way that complements your giant wreath. You could trace the triangular part of your roof with the lights. You would love the outcome.

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