How to paint a Christmas glass ornament

How to paint a Christmas glass ornament

Christmas ornaments are commonly decorated to add some extra glitter to the Christmas tree. There are several ways to go about decorations. You can fill them or paint them. We will be talking about the various ways to paint your Christmas glass ornaments to give your Christmas tree that added beauty the Christmas season deserves

Marble-Painted Ornament

You will need to get many paints to blend to achieve the marble effect. A sizeable disposable tray to fill with water is used for the mixture.

Two colors of coordinating spray are sprayed into the water; both colors will float in the water. A clear glass ornament is dipped into the paint, which will appear on the ball, creating the marble effect that will sure give your Christmas tree the added beauty for the season.

Striped Ornament

Strips can be added to a glass ornament using paints. First, the area you don’t want to paint should be marked by using masking tape. Then the paint is applied carefully using a small paintbrush. For a touch of sparkle, wet paint glitter is sprinkled. The masking tape is removed gently when the paint is drying. After the tape is removed, you have your perfectly striped glass ornament to bring more attraction to your Christmas decorations. 

Twice-Painted Ornament

Spray paint can be used for decoration of ornaments for an extra touch of creativity. The ornament is first lightly sanded and then spray-painted with gold. After drying, a layer of marbling white paint is sprayed to give you your twice-painted decoration.

Scenic Ornament

Scenic ornament is an ornament with a winter scene made with paint. The trick of achieving this is to do the painting in steps. The first is to paint the bottom of the glass ornament using two coats of white acrylic paint. After this step, it is left to dry. Next, trees of different sizes are drawn using a small, round paintbrush. Little dashes of red acrylic paint are used to make the trees look like cardinals. After the red paint dries, the bristle tip of the brush is used to add little white dots to look like falling snow.

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