Increase the sparkles with these mini pre-lit Christmas tree decorations

Increase the sparkles with these mini pre-lit Christmas tree decorations

For most people decorating a Christmas tree is the same year after year with the same style of decorations. This year you might want to move on from the boring old decorations to something better. The traditional green and red ball ornaments are great, but they are annoying. Your pre-lit Christmas tree decorations could use a little tweaking to add something extra. We have compiled a list of decorating ideas to help you in handling mini pre-lit Christmas trees.

Classic Always Scores

You can go for the classic Fraser first trimmed style with an angle topper, red ribbon classic and vintage ornaments.

Get Lit

Using candles may seem a bit old-fashioned, but they are always a great addition to your pre-lit Christmas tree decorations. You can use candlelight instead of real ones to avoid fire hazards.

Stick with Blue & White

Apart from the more popular Christmas colors of green and red, blue and white are also the other official colors of Christmas. You can go with blue and white for a change and still get that perfect Christmas tree decoration you want

Decorate with Sweets

Instead of the traditional ball ornaments, you can use something a little more exciting for your Christmas tree decorations. Sweets such as ribbon candy, cookies, gumdrops and some other old-fashioned sweets people can eat

Have A White Christmas

You can go totally off the book by going for a Christmas tree decoration without the famous ball ornaments. You can instead opt for a frosted white tree with a garland, which still screams Christmas. 

Add Some Berries

You can go for a simple Christmas tree decoration and use a few sprigs of red berries to add a touch of red to your Christmas tree decorations.

Scandinavian style

You can go for a Scandinavian styled Christmas tree decoration. It is refreshing, and the minimalist aesthetic is fantastic. It requires few Christmas ornaments and uses neutral color palettes with separate natural elements as highlights. Its decoration is simplistic to represent the rustic and country-style Scandinavian Christmas tree that favors functionalism over space crowding. 

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