Why Presence is Better than Presents this Christmas

Why Presence is Better than Presents this Christmas

These days technology invades our lives more than ever. You can get a pizza delivered to your house or order a private car ride without talking to a human. We are so obsessed with our phones, computers, TVs, and other distractions that we barely speak to each other anymore.

When was the last time you sat down, put your phone away, and spent some quality time with your family? It’s time to choose presence, over presents, with the people you love this holiday season. 

You won’t live forever, and neither will your loved ones. That’s a hard pill to swallow, but we must accept that fact. Because our time here is short, we need to make the best of it.

How wonderful does it sound to sit around the magical glow of your artificial Christmas tree, mugs of hot chocolate or eggnog in hands, while sharing wonderful stories and memories with your loved ones? Everyone is engaged, no one is scrolling through their phones. This is what we used to do less than 2 decades ago. Let’s bring it back! 

We all feel guilty when we can’t spend as much time with our loved ones during the busy holiday season. Many of us try to compensate with extra gifts. Much like guilty- feeling parents or pet owners tend to feed/spoil their pets or children when they are away too long. Rather than showering your loved ones with gifts instead of your time, why not combine the two? Give them an experience gift that they can share with you. 

Take them to a concert, a film, a play, dinner, etc. Low on cash? Bundle up and go visit a national park, take a day trip to go walk around a big city, or volunteer somewhere together (like an animal shelter or soup kitchen). This will promote bonding and making memories, strengthening relationships among all of you. Doesn’t this sound more appealing than wasting your money on some materialistic possession that may be re-gifted?

While it’s true that lots of gifts around your artificial Christmas tree are something enjoyable to look at, material things can never compare to the magic moments you can spend with your loved ones. 

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